For many Hong Kong families, it can be a struggle to pay for food, let alone household appliances. Why not give an electrical appliance this Christmas? HK$350 will provide a rice cooker, or fan or kettle: a gift that will give back to them every day in the year ahead!

If you buy this as a gift for someone else, we will organise a card for that person and send you a voucher for our Fair Trade Café.

Donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible in Hong Kong.

Receive a cafe voucher!

Buy any gift worth $200 or over and we will send you a voucher for our Fair Trade  Café. You can pass it on or enjoy it yourself.

What kind of people will this help?

“Because we had no home, we could not cook food. We just found scraps to eat. Now that we have public housing, we have a place to cook but nothing to cook with. As a Chinese family, we eat a lot of rice so this rice cooker is very helpful!”

Your support will go to people in need, like this family, to help see lives changed. Thank you!