Give the gift that keeps on giving! The world needs more people who care. More than ever before our world faces unprecedented challenges, requiring new levels of commitment. We rely on financial donations to keep the work of Crossroads alive as we empower locals on the front line. We are looking for change-makers to walk with us and sustain us financially. Together, we can be creating a better outcome for our world.

Count me in! I’d like to be a sustaining donor! I would like you to know you can count on me for a monthly donation as a:

  • Bronze donor: $100 – $499
  • Silver donor: $500- $999
  • Gold donor: $1000 – $1,999
  • Platinum donor: $2,000 or above

Give HKD$100 a month

Bronze Donor – We will keep you updated regularly with our latest news, send you a small gift and invite you to events at Crossroads Foundation.

Give HKD$500 a month

Silver Donor – All the above plus we’ll send you a Crossroads Foundation T-Shirt.


Give HKD$1,000 a month

Gold  Donor – All the above plus we’ll send you either a bottle of Fair Trade Wine or luxury Fair Trade Oil.

Give HKD$2,000+ a month

Platinum Donor – All the above plus an invitation to an exclusive event at Crossroads Foundation.