HK$19,000,000 is the anticipated funding needed for 2017. (Note: This may seem surprisingly low, but it is supplemented by very generous in-kind support.)

Normally, our cash needs are met by a combination of income generation and philanthropy:


  • HK$4,500,000 is generated through two of our services: Global X-perience and Global Handicrafts.

Rationale: Global X-perience and Global Handicrafts aspire to be self-financing. Global X-perience requests a suggested donation from participants, other than those for whom a payment would be prohibitive. Global Handicrafts generates income from sales.

  • HK$2,500,000 is generated by our staff.

Rationale: All our full time staff are volunteers. They even go a step beyond and help share the burden of  meeting our budget by seeking support for their accommodation, food and utilities. They do so by fundraising through educational grants, community groups, individuals and more who believe in the work being undertaken.

PHILANTHROPY: A million a month

  • HK$12,000,000 is needed for the balance of the work, including the other two services Global Distribution and Global Hand: a million a month.


  • Global Distribution sees goods reach people in poverty. They are rarely in a position to cover the cost of shipping in an international context. We generally cover the major shipping component in Global Distribution while asking them to pay for the final leg. E.g. the trucking from the port to their town.
  • Global Hand’s online service is a match-making service where donors can make goods or services available to NGOs who, generally, have logistics capacity. We introduce the parties and they normally then sort this between themselves. So it is inexpensive to run.

Note: The balance is needed for the ‘engine’ to be kept running here at Crossroads: rates, site management, utilities, security services, depreciation & maintenance.

Go to “Dollars and sense” and/or “Audited Accounts”  for more detail on our financials.

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