Crossroads is aiming to find twenty Champions. In doing so, though, one of the first questions for all will be how everyone will coordinate. If three people approach Company X, for example, that could be uncomfortable.  We want to avoid the danger of duplication or fishing in the same pond. We also wish to prevent any duplication with approaches to potential donors being made by Crossroads itself. An element of coordination will clearly be necessary.

We have, currently, three thoughts in this regard.

  • Coordinator. One of our Champions, Angelyn Lim, will coordinate all our other Champions to help ensure we avoid duplication and are aware of one another’s strategies. We’ll let you know more about Angelyn shortly!
  • Online data. We are setting up an online Googledoc which can be accessed by all Champions to which you will all be linked.  This document can be used to keep your record of names of individuals or companies being contacted, to map progress, targets, to record participation dates in relation to Global Survivor participation etc.
  • Updates. We will keep you updated, regularly, on progress being made towards our fundraising goals, CAIP fund, and other strategies. As well, we will share news about other Champions and the strategies they have found successful.
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Grassroots Fundraising Campaign

We’d love your help for Crossroads’ annual fundraising campaign, this year. We’re focusing it on planting hope for grassroots families. Ultimately, every item we give away through Crossroads reaches people at grassroots level, one way or another. Help us raise $4 million dollars! We have $1.5 million now, and need $2.5 million more.


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