Several times a year, Crossroads runs its signature simulation event: Global Survivor. This is a 24 hour programme in which participants briefly step ‘into the shoes’ of those who face the challenges of war, poverty, homelessness, corruption and other global needs. As well as the simulations, the event provides opportunity to explore high-level, cross-sector strategies to bring possible solutions to these challenges. Participants find this experience deeply profound. To quote one: “I have had three powerful experiences in my life: the day I was married, the day my first son was born, and this!”

Global Survivor starts at 5 pm on the Friday and finishes at 5 pm on the Saturday.

Next Global Survivor: 3rd – 4th March 2023

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CNN footage from our past Struggle for Survival simulation x-perience in Davos:

This footage may be helpful to view as it is representative of the kind of experiential programme you will encounter.


Below: Richard Branson taking part in the Refugee Run at the World Economic Forum in Davos. 

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See photos of our previous Global Survivors. 2018 (Nov), 2018 (April), 2017 (October), 2017 (August), 2017 (March), 20162015, 2013, 2012. (None was held in 2014.)

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