Updated 3rd August, 2020

As Covid cases escalate in Hong Kong, we are seeking to be wise, for all concerned. How is Crossroads responding to this rapidly evolving situation?


We continue to receive offers from people wanting to help others fight the virus, whether here in Hong Kong or elsewhere.

If you would like to assist with donated health and medical supplies, please email  donategoods@crossroads.org.hk

If you would prefer to donate money, please Donate here.


We have set up the following guidelines, in line with the government’s guidelines. We will keep updating the website with any further developments.

  • Crossroads is closed to volunteers and visitors until further notice.
  • Global X-perience simulations and site tours are temporarily cancelled until at further notice.
  • The Silk Road Café and Global Handicrafts shop will be temporarily closed until further notice.
  • Goods donations will operate as normal and, of course, we would be particularly grateful if you could donate any of the above items in significant quantity.
  • NGOs and social welfare clients who had booked appointments to collect goods from our warehouse: we will work with you to either rebook your appointment or fulfil your order via an online appointment. If you are need of items urgently, however, please contact us.
  • We are daily disinfecting our premises here, avoiding gatherings to minimise risk of contagion and following recommended guidelines regarding hand-washing, face mask usage and other safe-guards.
  • We’ll miss our wonderful volunteers and especially our summer interns, and look forward to re-opening as soon as it’s reasonable to do so.

Meanwhile, our hearts go out to all who battle this unanticipated crisis: the patients, their families, those who may be at risk and the health care workers.

Crossroads Foundation Hong Kong

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