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We are delighted to partner with Christian Action – Centre for Refugees (CA-CFR), a registered Hong Kong charity, to bring you an experiential dining opportunity to conclude your simulation programme! To learn more about Christian Action’s work with refugees, click here.

This lunch is currently available following a morning booking for the Struggle for Survival and Refugee Run simulation programmes. Inspired by the heritage of refugees and asylum seekers themselves, the scents and flavours of this delicious meal will transport you to the nations where we are serving.

The cost of your meal on the day will cover your own lunch, and a meal for a refugee through the Centre for Refugees’ daily soup kitchen (pictured below). This is truly ‘dining to make a difference’!

Note: the meal is fully vegetarian, and avoids common allergens such as dairy, nuts and sesame.

Pricing and how to book

To be sustainable, the minimum cost for lunch for your group is HKD 2100, which covers lunch for up to 30 people.

As Christian Action operates at scale, the more people we cater for, the lower the costs, as follows:

30-39 people, HKD 70 per person
40-49 people, HKD 60 per person
50-80 people, HKD 55 per person

If you’re interested in booking a lunch, please let our Bookings Officer know when liaising for a morning booking for our Struggle for Survival and Refugee Run simulation programmes.

Suggested schedule

As mentioned, the experiential lunch is available as part of a morning programme and would extend a typical morning schedule as follows:

09:45     Arrival, bathroom break, name-tags

10:00     Introduction to the programme

10:30     Simulation

12:30     Experiential Dining

13:30     End of programme


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